The continent of Apharna is the only currently known continent on the world of Apharna. Consisting of tall mountains, lush forests and woods, a snowy northern cap, among many other landscapes, Apharna is a world with much left to be explored by many of the races that walk her plains. Legends speak of a darkness rising in the South East peninsula of Dracuun, which is said to be the first landmass to have formed on Apharna, many generations long past.

Known Areas


Tranggst is the main capital and trade port for the High Thane of Trangsst, who holds dominion over much of the northern peninsula of Apharna. Marked by long, harsh winters, and quickly spent summers, Tranggst is home to many hardy folk who seek to be away from the troubles that plague the mainland to the south. Home to a thriving trade industry that travels throughout the Bay of Norlal, connecting the coastal villages (such as Kigrannan).


At one point, one of the larger villages along the Bay of Norlal, Kigrannan was a melting pot of many cultures, plagued by constant war with the orcs of Den’Gna to the East. The village was recently destroyed by an unknown attacker in 895, with only four known survivors. It is the homeland of Felor, the famous paladin who singlehandedly pushed back many of the orcs of Den’Gna, saved the Thane of Tranggst from assassination, and commanded an army of knights in the name of the Thane.

Tower of Shutruch

A high reaching, 70 yard high tower southwest of Kigrannan, and home to Shutruch, a gnomish wizard who trains young apprentices whom he believes to hold a strong affinity for arcana.


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